Why blogging

(From my Bible study book, Priscilla Shirer’s Seed Pack 1, what I wrote on the first lesson in Enough)

Paraphrase of Ex. 4:10-13

Moses told God his insecurities- I’m not good enough. I’ll mess it up.  You shouldn’t entrust this to me.

The Lord replied- I made you and I make everything. I’m the boss of words.  I am the boss of waves of sound.  I’ve got this; now obey.  I will help you in each step of this task.

But Moses hadn’t cast off his insecurities- Please choose/appoint someone else.


We think our inadequacies make us unfit for the task.  We think we’ll inevitably fail and ruin everything, so God had better choose someone else.

God is not surprised by our weakness.  He didn’t forget who He made us when He called us.  He is the boss of it and will help as the glory goes to Him.


What is it that’s currently terrifying me?  What call am I avoiding because of clear reasons?  What do I ask not to do?


I need to write.  I must step out and prayerfully record what God asks me to in a venue that others can see.

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