Dreams Come True

We are preparing to move.  Jon has resigned his position in Silver City and taken a job with Indian Health Services in Ft. Defiance, AZ.  This has been a long time in the works, so God has had a chance to work on me about it.

See, I love Silver City.  This has been my dreams-come-true place.  No joke.  In my graduate program, I dreamed of teaching English to international college students. That came true here.

cute selfie
Because we all know I’m the kind of teacher who will confiscate a selfie stick and immediately use it

In high school, I dreamed of being on stage, creating and presenting a character to tell a story that connected with people’s emotions.  That dream came true here.

My devilish role of Queen Aggravaine in Once Upon a Mattress

In college, I dreamed of having a mentoring relationship that challenged me and helped me grow in my abilities to minister.  That came true here.

My mentor, Deborah Berry, who has a love of puppies

And always, I have dreamed of having a beautiful group of friends.  That has been so present here (though I’ve been blessed with amazing friends every place we have lived.

Holiday girls
A group of us girls singing Christmas carols

I love my house, I love my friends, I love my church, I love my work, I love being able to do theater.  I love the mountains and the view and the weather and the people.  I love this place!  I love who I am and what I do here.  So when Jon’s options for an alternative job in Silver City didn’t pan out, I was terrified.  When he started applying to places outside of town, I had trouble with peace.

The day before Jon had his interview at Ft. Defiance, I was helping to lead worship at church, and we sang a missional song like “You Said”.  While the words “Ask and I’ll give the nations to you.  Oh God, that’s the cry of my heart” flowed from my mouth, God reminded me that He had already called me to go.  When Jon was applying for jobs at the end of his internship (in 2009), God had told me that He’d send us to the Native Americans.  And then (there in church, where we should be expecting to hear His voice and challenge) He asked,

“Are you unwilling to give up your house, your art, your mountains, and Diana FOR ME? Didn’t you already move away from your support system and great house and great friends and the best parents in the world in Indiana to follow Me to New Mexico?  And I proved Myself.  Willingly obey.”

And so I stood there, crying while looking at Diana

Me and Diana
My Diana and me

and thinking of all the dreams come true that have been in Silver City, and I chose to obey willingly.

These promises of God are not new.  Matthew 19:29 says, “And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or property, for my sake, will receive a hundred times as much in return and will inherit eternal life.”  More than anything, I want to obey Christ.  That has been my dream throughout my life.  I want to follow Christ and His call.  I don’t know what that call will look like on the Navajo reservation.  I do know that His promises are good and faithful.  And He’ll take us on an adventure better than our wildest dreams.

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